Maintenance of raml-jaxrs-codegen


I’m having hard times understanding what’s going on with:

Pull requests have comments like “Integrated into merged repo” and “Integrated into merged repo for two projects”, but are not actually merged to master.

What’s going on here?

I realize this project is early access but it’s an essential tool for doing RAML-first development for JVM projects that use JAX-RS (i.e. a lot). Having a least the feeling this project is well groomed would increase confidence in betting on RAML.


Yes, I actually tried to use it. I didn’t find a released version so tried to build from source and some tests are broken. We already have some docs in RAML now and I’m trying to figure out how we can enforce that the docs and implementation match. Any other ways to do it?


I’m maintaining a working version of the project here:

It’s CI-built and available via Maven there:

The version is 1.0.OA-SNAPSHOT to make it distinct from the “official” (but not built) version, see:

Feel free to use it, I’m relying on it for a bunch of real world projects…


I’d like to understand more about the design behind the generated code. Is there a separate email or forum that can be used for such discussion. I have a few specific needs for myself, but what is presently possible has me a little confused and I would like to discuss more if possible.


Start a new thread here, that will be fine.