Links in the description of a response appear strange in the response overview page


I have my json schemas documented using docson. I tried to add markdown links in the response description field to hyperlink to the docson view of the schema, like this:

    description: |
      Request was successful.<br/>
      Returns a [users](http://localhost/docson/index.html#/api/users.json) response.
        schema: !include
        example: !include    

When you click on the responses tab for the resource it looks like this:

Request was successful.
usersReturns a response.

For some reason it put the word ‘users’ in front of the text on the second line.

When you click on it (so you can see the schema and example), it looks fine:

Request was successful.
Returns a users response.

Also, in this case “users” is hyperlinked to the proper place just like I was hoping it would.

Is there any way to get the text to appear correctly in the response overview view?

Also the link only works if it’s an absolute URL. If I use a relative URL it looks like a link, but you can’t click on it.

So if you have “Returns a [users](http://localhost/docson/index.html#/api/users.json) response.” then it has a clickable link and if you have “Returns a [users](/docson/index.html#/api/users.json) response.” it looks like a link but you can’t click on it.