JSON Schema "Reference has not been resolved" when using JSON Pointers


I’ve been using the Atom API Workbench as well as raml2html and they always fail to correctly parse my JSON Schemas.
I use RAML 1.0 and have all my data types defined as JSON Schemas.

The JSON Schemas often use $ref references, pointing to parts of other files (example: "$ref": "http://my.domain/schema/my-schema#/definitions/something")
This is valid JSON Schema Syntax using JSON Pointers where it is expected to load the Schema from the given URL and then traverse the JSON to find the correct part of the JSON Schema.

raml2html responds with “EXAMPLE_SCHEMA_FAILURE” “Example does not conform to schema: Content is not valid according to schema: Reference has not been resolved during compilation”

Is this a known issue and simply not supported (yet) or am I doing something wrong?


I dont know if this will help, but I know with RAML2JAXRS (at least in 0.8 version) if you did not include AND use referenced JSON files, it would not be generated and result in compile errors. I dont know if RAML2HTML does something similar, I wouldnt think so though.