Jax-rs to raml for scala


Hello All,

I have a scala project that user dropwizard’s implementation of JAX-RS. I can see that mulesoft has tools for maven plugin, but those tools use Spoon library to generate meta information.

I was wondering if there are any existing tools for doing the same with sbt…



Did you try http://scraml.io/?


thanks christian,

i looked at it and it seems like this is for writing raml and generating service/client stubs from it, i am looking for something that can generate raml from jax-rs annotations and javadoc comments.

something like mulesoft’s plugin does, problem with that plugin is that it uses spoon library and spoon only works with java source code.


Maybe you can add a suggestions on the MuleSofts repo to change to a different library if there is one which works with Java and Scala?


If I understand you correctly, you are trying to generate RAML from an existing implementation of an API written in Scala? I am not entirely sure what the Dropwizard thing is with JAXRS. I assume if you are using JAXRS you are using Java for that part of it, since Scala runs in JVM and can use Java. Are you calling into your Scala code from the JAXRS handlers? Or something else?