Jax-rs to raml and javadoc


I am using the jaxrs-raml-maven-plugin, to generate raml file during the maven build. I am wondering how to generate automatically my javadoc within the raml file.
Here is an example: I expected to have “Get list of users” somewhere in the raml file

 * Get list of users
 * @return
public Response getUsers() {


Hi nloutfi, we have support of using javadoc to generate descriptions of methods in RAML file in eclipse plugin, but in the jaxrs-raml-maven-plugin this functionality is not supported yet. I am filing the issue right now to get this implemented. Meanwhile you may use our eclipse plugin to get javadocs in your raml



Issue to track: https://github.com/mulesoft/raml-for-jax-rs/issues/108