JAX-RS => RAML tools?


Thanks for the update. I am actually working on a Java RAML Parser Java SDK generator… (e.g. using the Java RAML parser project to parse RAML into Java, then sifting through the object to generate java SDK).

Myself and a few others had some discussion around using the other project, the javascript codegen project that uses handlebars.js templates, but there is a severe lack of documentation and learning curve right now that at least for me would require more time than I can invest to figure it out. That said, I really like the idea of a single templating engine to generate client and server side code, even documentation. If it’s completely possible to cover all scenarios of generation, it would be an ideal way to move forward, even replacing the JAX-RS project for building JAX-RS annotated server side code.

I suspect I am not alone among the RAML users that would want a single project that could handle building SDKs, server side and documentation, and possibly automation test code as well… from RAML documents. That said, there are some things that may still need to be added to the 1.0 spec (assuming it’s not too late… still waiting on some sort of status update on that project) such that we can utilize XSD/JSON Schemas that refer to multiple types in the documents, including those that import/include other schema files into the same namespace. Right now, there doesn’t appear to be a good way to identify individually defined types inside an XSD schema for example, within the RAML document. I’ve opened an issue around that here (https://github.com/raml-org/raml-spec/issues/137) if you’d like to understand a little bit more about that.


Like @justjacksonn, I am very excited about this RAML for JAX-RS, especially the JAX-RS to RAML part. Thanks so much.

I have a question about the description values generated from class Javadoc entries. I have a somewhat deep resource path structure, with several classes containing methods that share the same root.

For example, I might have FooBar.java that has a @Path(“foo/{fooId}/bar”) on the class and a FooBaz.java that has a @Path(“foo/{fooId}/baz”) on the class.

The generated RAML contains the contatenated class Javadoc for FooBar and FooBaz in the root /foo element. Is there any way that I can get the current version of the tool to put the FooBar class Javadoc in the “/foo/{fooId}/bar” RAML element and the FooBaz class Javadoc in the “/foo/{fooId}/baz” element?

On a more general note, is there any developing documentation on how JAX-RS to RAML treats Javadoc? I’d love to read it and/or contribute to it.


Wow…sorry for replying to a post so old. I misread the previous post date as February 15th instead of February, 2015.