JavaScript client in notebook: query string params on PUT?


Hi all, after some initial friction, I am really enjoying experimenting with the API notebook. What an amazing tool! For the most part it does everything I’ve asked it to do.

I have run into one minor issue that I hope is just a matter of user education. My RAML spec defines a PUT operation with a security scheme that requires a query string parameter. When I try to invoke the generated JavaScript implementation of this method via notebook, I do not see how the query string gets set on the request. What I see in the code completion is something like the following:, options?, async?);

For other resource operations that also use the same security scheme (via a trait), I see the option of specifying a query string. In the API console the PUT method is correctly rendered and processed with the required query string. I’m not sure if this problem is in the client generator’s interpretation of the RAML or in the API notebook’s rendering of the interface.

Has anyone seen anything like this, or have ideas about how to get the required security scheme element (the query string) to show up in notebook?