Is there a web based RAML 1.0 IDE?


For our work project we are currently embedding API Designer in a home grown web based application to support RAML 0.8 API design. Saw RAML 1.0 spec RC and API Workbench introduced. What we particularly like is the auto-completion feature in API Workbench. Wondering if there is any plan to support the auto-completion feature and RAML 1.0 in API Designer, or if there is any plan to release an web based RAML 1.0 IDE similar to API Workbench? Thanks!


Hi @linjh, there are definitely plans to add support for most of the futures you see today in the api-workbench also in a web based editor like the api-designer. 2016 will be a great year, trust me :wink:

More on things like that will definitely announced at some point. There is a lot planning right now so wait for it :wink: