How to set multiple example requests and its responses in RAML

Can you tell me how to set in RAML 1.0, if its even possible, multiple requests and its responses as examples. I have in anypoint studio 5 api’s and I want to merge them into one. I wanted to merge all raml files but dont know how to do it. In every raml is only one post method with one request and one response. So, If I POST one request in ARC, I want to get appropriate response. Practically I need 5 request/response pairs in raml.

You can define as many resources as you want in a single RAML file. So I don’t see an issue here, you should be able to take all those individual RAML files’ resources and combine them into a single RAML API definition.

I’v got five different resources and I’d like to have only one now. If I send on [localhost:8083/api/something] request 1 to get response 1, if I send request 5 to get response 5 and so on…

I want this: and not this{userId}/keys/{keyId}. Just one resource.