How do you reference another schema from a schema

I am trying to reference another schema so that i dont have to retype the entire json document again with all of the properties (and also so i dont have to worry about updating multiple places when i need to add/edit/remove a property)

suppose i have


carModel: |

    "$schema": "",
    "type": "object",
      "name": { "type": "string", "required": false },
      "year": { "type": "integer", "required": false }

carInfo: |

    "$schema": "",
    "type": "object",
      "color": { "type": "string", "required": false },
      "model": { "type": "carModel", "required": false } <-- This DOES NOT work

How do i properly reference “model” in carInfo to the carModel object so that all of the properties get picked up when i reference the carInfo object?

I think it should be

“model”: {
"$ref": “”, “required”: false }

Hi @GPancorvo, @Bhargava is right. Please check for more information.

You can try csonschema, it let you write jsonschema simpler and with support of reusable schemas.

First, install it through npm

$ npm install -g csonschema-cli

Then, create schemas files in cson/YAML format.


name: 'string'
year: 'interger'


        $include: 'carModel.csonschema'
color: 'string'
model: 'carModel'

Convert csonschema to jsonschema.

$ csonschema carModel.csonschema >carModel.json
$ csonschema carInfo.csonschema >carInfo.json

Finally, include generated jsonschemas in RAML

schema: !include carModel.json

There is also a grunt plugin grunt-csonschema to automated the compiling process.

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I tried something like what @Bhargava suggested or using examples from the json-schema reference and nothing seems to work … at least in the creator tool.

When I tried putting ‘sub’ schemas in a ‘definitions’ object as they had on json-schema RAML creator tool wouldn’t validate it saying it had to be a string.

Basically I have a bunch of older Swagger 1.2 models which I am trying to figure out how to convert and re-use.

The following article may be useful to you: