How can I keep my API portal private?


Clicking the “Connect .raml to an API portal” button in API Designer seems to put me on a path towards creating a public API portal.

I would like to play with the API for awhile before I let the world see it. Is it possible to create a new API portal that is private?


Hi @scordatura,

You can connect your .raml file to a private API portal as well. All newly created API Portals are private by default, and you can change the settings for an existing API Portal by clicking on the “hamburger menu” in your portal’s header, and selecting the public/private tab.



Thx, @comptly, that helps a lot!

Went ahead and created the API portal, which was private by default, as you said it would be.

When I viewed the portal and checked the RAML Console, though, that is public by default. Changed it to hidden using the tools menu (gear icon) but it still says:

…Your RAML is publicly accessible at:

It would be nice to see the entire interface make clear what is hidden/shown or private/public, and to see the console page stop saying the RAML is publically accessible when you have changed it to hidden.

I am new to this community. What’s the best thing for me to do here, file an issue somewhere?

thanks much,


Hi @scordatura,
That’s weird. APIs that I publish (almost daily) are private by default. I guess that some kind of problem could be happening there.

You can open an issue (I imagine that the steps to reproduce won’t be easy).
Most important: When you change this to private, does it work correctly for you?

Best Regards.


To answer your question “Does it work correctly for me?”

Yes, it (specifically the Try It button) seems to work fine.

When the Mocking Service is turned on, it ignores the base URI in my RAML file, and uses a URL that hits the Mocking Service, which draws on my examples to mock a response.

At this point, that’s all I want to do.