Getting java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: VALUE in RamlValidationService


I want to create a RAML validator that will get the RAML URLs resturn validation results. For that Im using raml-java-parser. As per its readme file I try to execute below line of code:

String sourceUrl = "";
List<ValidationResult> results = RamlValidationService.createDefault().validate(sourceUrl);

And get below error message:

java.lang.NoSuchFieldError: VALUE

Why I’m getting this error? Before that I got some class not found exceptions therefore I have applied below jar libraries manually.

> juniversalchardet_1.0.3_1.0.0.jar 
> raml_parser_0.8.11_1.0.0.jar
> rhino_1.7R4_1.0.0.jar 
> snakeyaml-1.16.jar
> jackson_databind_2.4.4_1.0.0.jar


@thushara35 What are you trying to achieve with your implementation of a RAML validator?