Get stuck on including a raml file in html


Hey, much thanks for implementing such a great API tools. Really enjoyed it!

But I am a novice to RAML. After slowly finished designing my raml on anypoint platform. I now want to include my raml file on a html page.

So, Now i have my api.raml file ready.

I kinda know that i have to use the raml-js-parser and if I am not wrong (correct me if I do :blush:), the ‘raml-parser.min.js’ file inside ‘dist’ folder is the one I shall include in my html file script tag. And…


What shall i do next, crying for help :frowning: Many thanks in advance!!!


Maybe the raml2html tool can actually help you.


Wow, thanks for you fast reply. :slight_smile:
Yap, i have check the raml2html page, does it actually work for js? A little bit confuse about the actual implementation here.


Are there any tutorials to actually guide on using raml-js-parser supported on the raml page?
In particular, this is the tools i want to use:

Sorry Im being so noob, but really appreciated if anyone can help! Thankzzzz


Hi @RaySong,

do you want to print the documentation on your website based on your RAML, or what do you try to achieve. It would be great if you can elaborate more on what you want to do :wink: