Generator for creating user friendly Web GUI for interacting with API


I was wondering if a generator for creating Web GUI’s, that could be presented to a non-technical user based on the RAML specification exists?

What type of GUI do you have in mind? I.e. what would that GUI do?

Have you looked into

The api-console gui, is more a tool for developers to understand how to use the API, but it isn’t something you would give to your average users and say “use this to interact with the system”

I was thinking more along something like for RAML

Your best bet… only bet really is Postman. It just released 7.1.1 which includes a beta API tab that supports importing RAML 0.8, and OpenAPI 2.0 and 3.0 and generating Postman collections from the API definitions. You can also generate documentation from this. As well, you can turn any collection in to an OpenAPI or RAML definition. It is in beta though, so your mileage may vary.

While Postman is more of an API developer tool, it is used by just about everyone in most orgs today for a variety of things, mostly around demoing APIs (for the likes of marketing, sales, etc). The new API tab I suspect will at least get you part of the way… it isnt a GUI web site that makes API calls, but you can use it to make the API calls right from Postman, and then export/share those collections with others.