Generating documentation from RAML spec


Is there an established way to generate documentation based on a RAML spec?

I would like something like the right hand side of the API Designer, but without the editor - that would be something like Swagger.



There sure is! The API Designer is actually embedding the API Console on the right hand side, but they are maintained as independent code-bases/applications. You can grab the source for the API Console here:

A visual refresh and interaction clean-up for this tool is also coming soon!



Sweet, thank you!


So are there any plans to having the tool generating a set of documentation for saving?
I want to easily be able to pass the documentation along without requiring anyone to run a server of any kind.

Do you have any more concrete examples of how to use this to generate the documentation?


Community is working a lot in tooling.
I posted and published a nice (still basic, but promising) tool if you want to generate HTML.

Please, check this out:


Hi, thanks for your response (again) :smile:

I’ve actually made two contributions to raml2html already. Latest being here:

I hope he will really consider this since he currently does not show uriParameters correctly. Obviously that project is still under development.

For anyone else interested, I created for people to try their raml files in the meantime. I wish the Load from URL works, but it doesn’t seem to.


Hi @tsa , looks like a good idea.
But I’m not sure that’s working properly. I pasted a RAML file and obtained a huge JSON.

Is that expected?


No, that’s not expected. I think the app is a bit wonky because the DOM’s not completely loaded. Should be fixed by the developers.

i.e. if you want the page to work correctly, you need to make sure the page finishes loading before you put the RAML in there.


Hello, we are working on documentation generator from raml. Project site

Project documentation:


I can find one more generator here generating RESTful API documentations written in RAML : -

It supports 1.0 version.
Hope this will help