Freenode IRC Channel


Personally I’m not a big fan of forums when asking for help. It takes hours or even days before you get a reply that is probably not even going to help you so an interaction that can take days is required. By then you either forgot about it or found a not very good workaround for whatever you were trying to accomplish.

I would say that the channel #raml on the Freenode IRC servers needs some promotion. This way we can get instant feedback from the RAML collaborators, fellow API documenters and will we learn from each other’s mistakes. Alberto Pose (can’t seem to mention him on here) or oncenull on Freenode has already set the channel up a long time ago but it seems to be inactive and without a topic.

Could the IRC channel get some mentioning on Github, the website and perhaps other platforms? There doesn’t seem to be any word about it anywhere.


Hi @Andreas,

Thanks for your feedback. Do you think it would be definitely worth following that route? We could also setup a gitter channel, but maybe that is not as common as having a Freenode IRC channel.



Yes, as you see it is impossible for people to respond quickly to a forum post unless scouring the forms all day long. It will take some time before the #raml channel is gonna be filled up, but it should provide a faster way for small questions about raml. I personally have quite a few questions that I would already like to be answered on there.

It is also a better place to get to know other users and of course as I said before help each other out.


Ok… I think I am in the right area… I am running KiwiIRC web client, I think it auto-joins to freenode. I’ll check in there if I remember and see if anyone joins to chat.


So feel free to join freenode irc #raml. I been there all day. Will try to help if anyone wants.


I join as well, but it might take some time after I can give an answer! just fyi :wink:


I just came back from holiday and the channel still seems to be dead. Empty or it’s me and another user. There is no topic or anything. Could I or someone else from RAML take this under its wing and get everything setup because the channel is basically useless atm. Everyone also please add it to your join on connect list so we can get the channel filled.


Hi Andreas,

I am happy to help with everything needed! What do you think should be the next steps?



I would suggest we start to create a “Community” sub item on the “About” page and include the different channel such as the Freenode IRC, but we should also include some “how to” for the IRC for people who does not know how to get to this. I’ve also seen that you can include the Kiwi IRC into a webpage, but that might be more difficult :smile:


Everything you suggest seems to be in the right direction. The Freenode IRC channel should also be mentioned in the tutorial, when starting it, completing it or both. It’s great to hear you say that you want to help, but unless oncenull either transfers the ownership to an active user we cannot even make changes to the channel itself.


Unfortunately, I am not really familiar with IRC and therefore we should look for someone who can drive the channel itself. I help with everything else :wink:


I’m happy to moderate the IRC channel. Can’t someone reach out to oncenull too to give me some permissions so I can at least set the topic so the channel is a bit more friendly. I would also edit the channel modes, I can also just explain how to do it so someone with permissions can do it.


Not really sure how to reach out to this guy - any ideas?


I’m about to send Alberto Pose (oncenull) an email on the email address he mentions on his Github account. Let’s hope he gets back to me.


@christian_vogel He replied and I asked him to give you permissions as you are a moderator here. Could you register an account on Freenode, post here what your registered name is and then reach out to oncenull if he’s still in the channel. Here’s how to register your nick.