Exporting RAML Documentation


Is it possible to extract the RAML documention into different formats such as PDF?


There’s RAML2MD that can output a Markdown file. From there, you can easily generate a PDF with pandoc.


@ddossot , Can the generated PDF contains any formatting like raml2pdf does ? Currently raml2pdf supports only 0.8, so I will need to convert some raml 1.0 files. Thanks


You might be able to use another Makdown to PDF converter thats generally available for everyone. Maybe you find one that fits your formatting requirements.


Thanks. But I see raml2md is not supported for raml1.0 as well. So with raml 1.0, there is no documentation tool currently possible ? apart from beta version of raml2html.


I had the same issue (only 0.8 supported) so I wrote https://github.com/mattbaird/RAMbLOn

if you start the server and view the generated documentation, you can make live changes to your RAML spec and see the changes happen in real time.


Pretty cool @Matthew_Baird. Whats on your roadmap?


I keep track of the current roadmap on the readme hosted on github github.com/mattbaird/RAMbLOn

  • RAML v1.0 spec completion
  • RAML v1.0 validation
  • SASS setup DONE
  • Websockets update notification DONE
  • Improved CSS DONE
  • Documentation Generation Mode DONE
  • Configuration for port, and RAML directories.
  • Much better directory support :smiley:
  • Better update model
  • Error handling in the preview
  • Add Zip generation. DONE
  • Add toolbar for live preview mode to generate docs, see errors, etc.

Essentially you can generate a documentation site from RAML 1.0 to be hosted, or generate a zip to move it to another server.

I really want to finish up the “live dev” mode with a toolbar and some other enhancements to make it super easy to have the RAML up on one screen and the live Documentation on another.

Additionally, I need to add some roadmap items for client library generation.

On the other thread there was discussion about using handlebars, which I am not opposed to at all. I’m not a front end expert, but another guy here is and he has been helping me make things look good.

thanks for the interest.