Example projects


Hello, I am trying to get started with RAML, but I did not found any real-world projects for comparison.
I checked for several frameworks, but I could not find anything except for basic examples.
Do you know of any bigger open source projects using RAML? (language, etc. does not matter for me at this point)

Thank you very much!


What are you looking for in particular? Just example RAML’s?


Yes, just any examples of bigger RAML projects.
Language and framework do not matter for me at this point.
I would like to analyze the code evolution for a university project, before I create my own implementations.


@3191110276; what does a “RAML project” contain in your opinion? Usually its a set files or a single file thats being used to describe the characteristics of your API. If so, you can look at different RAMLs here (just browse the different APIs, go to the API reference page and there is a Download option for the RAML files) and here. Spotify, BBVA, and Hybris are also using RAML. Might be good sources for you as well.


Thank you for those links.
I was looking for implementations in a framework alongside the RAML file, that is extending what is defined in the RAML file with code in a GPL to see the whole project for deployment.
Ideally projects with a certain level of complexity that evolved over time.
I did not see any implementation for the projects you mentioned.