Editor with code completion other than API Designer?


I see there is a stable Sublime syntax color module. It works great. What I am looking for and hoping is possible is to provide code completion and such like the API Designer does, but in Sublime or . Part of the problem is using the API Designer, while nice, is sluggish as you build larger files. Unless it’s rebuilt using ReactJS for fast rendering, it just seems the larger files are difficult at bet to edit. More so, that it stores everything in HTML5 local storage makes it impossible to work with for anything but small snippets. Using the modified version that uses mongo is nice, but it too suffers from issues, primarily in that it removes the option for folders.

It would be ideal if code completion were added to the Sublime plugin in the very least. Any possibility any sort of IDE option is being worked on in the near future?


@justjacksonn Have you looked at the Atom editor with the RAML plugin? Not exactly code completion but it does offer suggestions in many cases.


API-Workbench is a great tool for RAML design that can solve all your problem easily.
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