Double Quotes around Response Status


org.raml.model.Action Class has “setResponses(Map<String, org.raml.model.Response> responses)” method that takes a map of String as key and org.raml.model.Response as Value.

In my builder code i create a map as below

String status = "200";
responses.put(status, ramlResponse);

And write the raml into a file using below code

RamlEmitter re = new RamlEmitter();
String test = re.dump(raml);

The raml file entry looks like below , not sure why there is double quot around Status and how to remove it.

                        schema: ResultSet


Hi Paul,
looks like a bug in the emitter that’s handling all mapping keys as string scalars.
On the other hand both the JS and Java parser handle this OK, though it needs to be fixed all the same.


@svacas thank you for the reply , yes i am using Java parser and it handles it.One clarification, even if there is double quotes around status is it still a valid RAML file.