Does Raml support to convert existing python api code to api-doc?


Hi, I am very new to Raml. I was trying to figure out if Raml supports to conver a existing python api code to api-doc or a raml file. I find a tool called pyraml-parser, but seems like it’s parsing raml to python object and it’s recently release so it’s unstable. If there is a tool can convert python code to raml, then I can use raml2html tool to generate api-doc, problem solved.

I am not sure how Raml automaticlly sync api-doc, client and server. Or only there is a raml file first to generate api-doc.

Thank you,


It could be done, not sure it is available now though. Check out raml-client-generator project, and a slightly newer version of it called raml-generator. It’s purpose is to provide a way to parse a RAML document (using nodejs and Handlebars.js templates) so that you can generate any output you want from the RAML doc, including SDK clients, server side, documentation, etc.