Does Java RAML 1.0 Parser work for anyone?


Has anyone managed to build and run the Java RAML 1.0 parser checked into GitHub? When I check out and build the sources my simple application, that just calls new JavaNodeFactory(), falls over in Nashorn. I’ve raised an issue, but haven’t got a reply from the developers. So I was curious whether people have been trying the parser, and succeeded, in which case there must be something odd in my setup. Or else people have not been trying it and/or had a similar experience to me. I realize it’s still in beta, but I assumed that just meant it was subject to change, and was a bit rough around the edges. Hopefully it works for everyone else and someone can suggest why it might be failing for me.



Hi @Kevin, the Java parser is currently in development and as far as I know, the team behind that will open a new branch with an updated version. They are still kinda trying to finalise interfaces, some implementations, and after that the overall cleanup and refactoring. The current open sourced as a plain Java Wrapper for JS. I try to come back as soon as I have some more details on that.


Hi Christian,

Is there an ETA for the Java parser yet? My team need to start writing some RAML specs. Ideally I’d like them to use RAML 1.0 rather than the 0.8 version. But we need to develop some tooling for these specs, and it’s hard to convince them to use 1.0 rather than 0.8 when we don’t have any idea when the Java parser to support this tooling will be available :frowning:


@Kevin, sorry for the late response. Yes, the team will publish it early May; so not to far away :slight_smile:


Hi, there is a pre-release version that you can investigate here. We moved the source code back to the old repo since it is a completely different and very similar to the old.