Django Rest Framework to RAML


This evening I started working on a tool for people working with the Django Rest Framework. Initially I’ll only be making a way to convert all of the serializers to RAML schemas. Later when I have more time (this is needed for my own documentation) I’ll make it more general, open source it and perhaps expand it. Is there any interest here?

For anyone that’s curious, this is part of the output from a single serializer: All of the parameters are by default None, repeat is by default True (I haven’t figured out how to deal with this one yet) and example is not supported yet. Enums and primary keys are supported (as far as I’ve tested this night) and I’m gonna start working on the convertion to JSON now (XML later when I have time).


Hi Andreas,

Any chance you open-source/published the code for that tool anywhere? I’m interested in seeing some code that introspects existing code and generates a RAML spec. I’m working on a tool with a similar idea.



I’m currently working on a new project that will incorporate this. It’s part of a bigger project of which I will open source parts of. Currently the code (which hasn’t been incorporated in the bigger project yet) is pretty messy as it was written in under a day after which I started working on something similar (griffin by Spotify). Both of those project use ramlfications in the background and you can join us on Freenode on the channel #ramlfications, there also is a channel for #raml itself. I guess we can talk there to follow up.


Thanks @Andreas - qq: do you see any communication on the #raml channel? If no, do you think it makes sense to basically advertise it a bit more?


Unfortunately there aren’t a lot of people on there. #ramlfications has a couple though, most of them are in PST so I don’t know whether they’re that active.

I would say it’s beneficial to advertise the Freenode channel a bit more thought. It allows for a lot quick feedback then the forums.


What I am a bit worried about is that there are too many channels to interact with the working group/community. Is that a topic for synch vs asynch communication; or forum vs chat? I am trying to understand what’s the best way here. If we go for a more synch communication and start to be a bit more active in chat, do we go for Freenode or shall we use Gitter, as we sometimes do for couple of other projects?


+1 to this, I’d be interested to use this package if it exists. If not, if you could share the code I will make it into a package and re-share (with your permission of course).


@christian_vogel Personally I prefer Freenode, but I think the amount of people is too small for that right now. Questions would be lost because people aren’t logged in or aren’t checking their IRC. Gitter is a good alternative perhaps.

@James_Keys I will try to work on it more and open source it when it’s (mostly) done. I’ll be sure to leave the link to the repo here.


You are right @Andreas; I would suggest using Gitter as you can see the history. I was using freenode for some time on the #raml channel, but there was not really anything to do. And as you said maybe most question got lost. That should not happen on Gitter.