Debug API designer vs sublime


I coded my api in API designer and it ran smoothly, no errors or anything.

I copy pasted my code into sublime and it gave me errors back.

In my examples.raml which is my trait file, I have

- bn_token:
          The user's bn_token that is used to authenticate.
        type: string
        required: true
        example: number
- company_id:
          The CATM company ID.
        type: integer  
        required: true
        example: number.

The error it gives me back is the first line needs #%RAML 0.8 but after i inserted that it points to my bn_token and states “Error: document must be a map”

In my main file I have:
traits: !include examples.raml


I think sublime get’s confused about the extension. Can you try to call it *.yaml instead of *.raml please.


Works for me in Sublime 3… not the same colors as the Designer but same sort of format for coloring things. If only this could include code completion!


Okay, I can call *.yaml. Apparenlty, even if it gives me a warning/error when I have it sublime, it does let me run and use the *.raml files.