Create HTML documentations which can interactively send requests to running services


Hi there

I created a tool that generates a HTML documentation for RAML files. Additionally, it
provides the possibility to send requests to the running service to test it.

It’s still in an early phase, but it’s already quite functional.

and for an example how the generated documentation looks like:

Any comments and suggestions are welcome.


Hi…I like the general direction this is headed. Seems I could use this rather than integrating the API Console into my own build tool for interactive documentation and such. However, it looks like it could use a bit more work on the listing of endpoints, and possibly other areas that CSS style could be applied.

What is your general direction you are headed with this? Is there a seamless way that I can replace the CSS for my own layout design without breaking the functionality?

Also, curious how the handling of authentication for API requests is managed… meaning, if I have a login call to get a token, that is then used in subsequent API requests… does your tool have a way of storing that value and automatically applying it to subsequent requests so that I dont have to have users copy/paste the token on every endpoint they wish to try?



If you have improvements for the styling, please let me know by filing bug reports / pull requests. I’m not the design guy, so I apreciate any help here.

Currently, it’s not possible to easily replace the CSS file, but I’ll support this in the next version.

Authentication information is stored in the browser’s session storage and automatically added to every request as long as you’re logged in. However, currently only authentication by query parameters or header values is supported. More schemes will be added in the future. If you’d like a certain method to be supported, feel free to create a bug report.