Can I integrate RAML based API To PHP based frameworks

I have an ecommerce store which is created on Magento framework. I need to create a custom API and want to integrate it on my ecommerce store. My store is created on Magento 2 framework which is a PHP based framework and the store is hosted on Managed Magento hosting service provider named Cloudways.
So, is this even possible?

If by “integrate it”, you mean “build the implementation/backend for it”, then that’s something you can do in any programming language regardless of whether your API was modeled in RAML or not in the first place.

If you mean to “scaffold” that API from a RAML API definition, you can first get it outputted in OpenAPI OAS 3.0 format and then use a generator such as SoliDry/api-generator or OpenAPITools/openapi-generator.

Also, note that if you ever need to parse RAML definitions in PHP, you can use the community-maintained raml-org/raml-php-parser.