Automatic media type

Hi, I have a mule app where i have defined a raml endpoint for getting the content of the file (downloading file). The problem is that i dont know what the media type of file will be, it could be (text/json, text/xml, application/zip, application/octet-stream, literally everything). So i defined endpoint like this:

     description: Get the file content
               type: file
               description: Return the file content

I thought using the '/ as media type will automatically populate the current media type, but it does not. Media type is every time “/”. Is there any way to automatically populate the media type ? I can’t have the application/json or any hardcoded value here since the media type could be different at any time. I’ve noticed that the service which i’m calling (http call to Box) is sending that media type in attributes/headers/content-type. Can i maybe somehow pass this content-type to my raml?

Thanks for any suggestions

You would have to explicitly define all the possible media types.

This seems somewhat related to #583. I suggest you comment on that issue with your use case above, this may be addressed in a future version of RAML.