Are there any working response validation tools fully compliant with RAML 1.0?


I’ve set up a number for RAML 1.0 files using the newly added Libraries and Data Types and while I’m very sure it’s in working order, I would like to use a tool that would be able to compare the API response against the RAML specifications to ensure that the RAML files are in perfect working order. I’ve been looking for a few days now and every single testing tool provided on the main RAML page does not support RAML 1.0. (API Fortress kind of does, but they don’t support libraries yet, which im currently using).

So what I have are my RAML 1.0 files and have validated them with API Workbench which proved to be incredibly useful but now I need to make the next step and introduce some kind of test suite for the methods.
Has anyone had any luck with doing this? If someone could point me in the right direction it would be great, thank you!


I only know that Abao is about to get its update for RAML 1.0. Unfortunately, it might take some time.