API-Workbench Failed to load http resources



it seems that the api-workbench does not support the instruction !include with an http uri.

i want to do something like:

“- base : !include http://git.test.local/raml/resourceTypes/base.yaml

The error is
Can not resolve http://git.test.local/raml/resourceTypes/base.yaml

Is that a real issue or not(can’t find any information in the spec)?
I dont know if it is an issue from api-workbench or raml-js-parser-2.



That is definitely an issue. Let me test that with the parser to see where the problem is, but my bet is it is the parser.


Do you have a public resource that I can use to test? The link you’ve attached does not seem to work


Can you also paste some RAML code to see in which context you are using the include.



i put an example here


Created an issue for it to let the guys know who develop the workbench https://github.com/mulesoft/api-workbench/issues/97

My bet is that this is a parser problem. Monitor the github repo for any answer.


ty ! :wink: