Api-workbench behaves differently in Linux and Windows


I have a dual boot Win10/Ubuntu 16.0.4 LTS laptop. In both platforms I use Atom 1.7.4 with api-workbench 0.8.28.

If I open the same exact project in both platforms, the Linux api-workbench will use RAML 1.0GA syntax and the Windows api.workbench will use RAML 1.0 RC2 syntax.

I have tried reinstalling and updating on Windows to no avail. Can someone help me understand what’s going on?



Really? That should be the same. BTW, there is no difference syntactically between RC2 and GA. Can you post your project somewhere?


RC2 and GA handle library references differently.

#%RAML 1.0
title: API used to test broken features
mediaType: application/json

  # the following line is ok on api-workbench 0.8.28 on Windows 10
  # Linux version complains that this must be a map in RAML 1.0 
  myTypes: !include brokenLibrary.raml 

  # the following line is ok on api-workbench 0.8.28 on Linux.
  # Windows version complains thay myTypes cannot be a scalar
  # myTypes: brokenLibrary.raml 
          type: myTypes.myType
          example: "somevalue"


Did you raise that on Github?




I found that my Windows api-workbench depends on “raml-1-parser”: “0.2.6” and the Linux version on “0.2.12”. That would explain the different parsing behavior.

I don’t understand why they are using different components if the version number is the same.


I think that might have happened with an earlier version of the workbench. The newest in code branch should not have that problem anymore. Can you confirm?


I used git clone to update to the latest 0.8.29. I guess I won’t be using atom’s update system anymore.


Its really strange I agree. We do another update on Monday. Would be good if you could play our guinea pig to validate if that still is a problem. :wink: