API Patterns - Aggregation


How can we achieve aggregation ( set of RAML APIs being called from one RAML API)? Does this really valid as an API deals with a resource, rather than a functionality. Correct me if I am wrong



Are you referring to a sort of uber RAML file that combines multiple RAML files into one like a tree structure?


Its a kind of. BTW can we implement any API patterns using RAML , if so , could you share any sample?



Which API patterns are you talking about? RAML is pretty straight forward. The docs on this site show how to build APIs very easily, and I have yet to find a tool that is easier to design an API with and read the .raml file to understand what the API is. Not sure what you are referring to API patterns though?


May be I am being misguided by other API documentations from other sites stating about API patterns. I am aware that API deals with a resource and it is just an interface.


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