API Notebook. Resources with .json extension


I tried to take API notebooks for a spin, but I’m needing some help getting started.

Here’s my notebook: https://api-notebook.anypoint.mulesoft.com/notebooks/#7083068ba019704ffb8f92c068430dab
I creating the client, pointing it at our TransportAPI RAML file. Seems to work.

All of our resource names have .json file extensions though, so what would a method invocation look like? For example one API URL is http://transportapi.com/v3/uk/bus/stops/near.json?and_some_params The typeahead feature doesn’t seem to find the final resource name automatically, and I’m not sure what will happen with the ‘.json’ bit e.g. this doesn’t look right:

Also can this tool be used as a more generic javascript playground without involving the RAML e.g. by bringing in jQuery, firing and ajax request, and having the result appear?


Hi @harry_wood, thanks for using the API notebook.

You might have found a bug inside the notebook. Can you report it into our Github repo here. It seems that the object after “stops” does contain the two sub-resources, but the notebook has some problems with either using "near.json" or near.json. Our team can have a look at that after you raised it.

Regarding the more generic JS playground. I am sure that you can use any JS, but not very sure about things that need additional libraries like jQuery or Ajax. Have you tried looking at the standalone version? Maybe there is a possibility to host it with additional capabilities.