API Designer with mongo persistence and user login


Hi guys,

I made some minor changes on the API Designer so it can be deployed on a webserver and used remotely.

The reason for this changes are to adapt the existing OpenSource tools of RAML to our organization, so thats all the code so other can use them in anyway the want.

The orignal idea was first to persist the RAML docs in a local mongo, instead of browsers local storage, and I added some features (like “users” and session security) so the same server can be used by many users to create RAML Specs.


Hi Luix,

I’ve been using your modified version of the raml-api-designer-store and it’s been working great, so thank you!
However, I’m trying to setup authentication using nginx rather than on the application.
I’m having trouble trying to bypass the login page you have provided.
If you could direct me to the files that should be changed to achieve this, it would be greatly appreciated.



Hi Jake,

I thought it would be faster if I just make the changes you need, rather than making a long post explaining how to making them and why… so the changes are pushed into the nosession branch of my repo, I test them they should work just fine.

if you want to understand the changes that disable the user session and the multitenancy please refer to my last commit of that branch.

There is just one thing you should be aware, and is that the “session” functionality I implemented was done to create a multitenant platform rather than a security feat. This means that each named user of the application can edit/rename/delete files he own (that he created), in this way you can have several users on the same app, and each can edit different files. To do this I modified the original application to save and load files bind to the session you have on the server when you login as a user, the session token is the _id field of the user mongo collection.