API Designer - The UI panes. The right pane is gone


In the API Designer
The right pane is gone. The collapse/expand button is even gone.

I don’t know what I did to close that right pane. I can not figure out how to reopen the pane.
Do you know how I can reopen the pane???


Try in different browsers, also try maximizing your window to get the horizontal scroll bar at the bottom to see if that allows you to see it.


Hi @dboyce from where did you download this tool.I am trying to edit raml file from eclipse editor , it gives me indentation error during parsing.


@Paul this is the API designer that Mulesoft provides. You can use their online version, or you can get their project from their github repo and run it locally for your own use. There are variants that improve upon this including one that stores files to mongodb and another that allows you to use a local file system (the better option in my opinion).


@justjacksonn when try to access the API designer online , it asks me for sign up , which i do , after that it still doesn’t allow me to login . can you share the URL for online API designer.


@Paul didn’t use their designer specifically. I went to the Projects link at the raml.org site. I then downloaded and installed their raml-designer project and set it up so that I could run it locally on my machine.