Api-console and RAML protocols property


Hi all, I was checking the protocols property and I saw the explanation in the spec:

(Optional) A RESTful API can be reached HTTP, HTTPS, or both. The
protocols property MAY be used to specify the protocols that an API
supports. If the protocols property is not specified, the protocol
specified at the baseUri property is used. The protocols property MUST
be an array of strings, of values “HTTP” and/or “HTTPS”.

I have added this property in a raml file ([ HTTP, HTTPS ]), and then I have injected this raml file to the console. I thought that the console would have an option in the Try-It tab to select the protocol which I want to use to send the request to my API, but It seems that you only can send the request to the specified baseUri.

Is this feature something that will be included in the future for the api-console?

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Hi Alex,

currently the console is not showing the protocols property, but the RAML community is thinking about that feature and I’ll update you once I know more about it.

Hope that helps you for now :wink:



Many thanks for the reply Christian.

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Protocols are now supported on the latest version. :wink: