Any tool that renders RAML 1.0 incl. data types?


I used the now discontinued raml2html project to render my API, which enabled API designers and implementors to have a visually concise and clear HTML document of the API.

Unfortunately raml2html does not support 1.0, and in particular not data types. Is there a project which simply renders a spec and can handle the new features?


Hi @mavam, RAML 1.0 is currently under RC and we are collecting and implementing feedback from the community. That said, there are few tooling that have support for it at the moment. We want to package everything up by mid of December. After that we will work closely with different tooling providers to make transition as smooth as possible.

As a side note, there is also a beta version of the JS parser out that can be used to start with the support of RAML 1.0. Tipp: monitor php-raml2html :wink:


Thanks for the tip, I’ll take a look at the php-raml2html. In general, is the RAML team working on the spec only and leave the tooling to the community? Or is an official set of tools planned down the line (e.g., linter, basic HTML renderer, etc.)?


We are working on the spec, an SDK to help the community to faster develop tooling, help everyone inside the community to migrate to 1.0, and some tooling by ourselves :smile: There is some stuff in the pipeline :wink:

If you know people who need help, please let me know.


Hi there

I’m the author of raml-doc. I’m also planing to support RAML 1.0 and hope to have a first version ready in december.