Any RAML to Camel REST DSL tools available?


We are working on contract first approach wherein we have defined our interface definition in RAML.
Now, We are implementing this interface defined in RAML as a camel route endpoint using camel’s REST DSL and camel-servlet component. While we are implementing this interface we want to make sure developer adheres to what is defined in RAML is what is implemented. We are looking for tools/utility/plugins which can do following.

  1. Generate camel’s REST DSL which confirms to contract defined in RAML simillar to what RAML to JAX-RS does.
  2. Validates response (JSON response adheres to JSON schema)
  3. Headers and their value returned as response confirms to what is defined in RAML .

Thank You,


Hi @mayanksoni, for the last two question you could have a look into And the first I have to check! :slight_smile:


OK, there is nothing for REST DSL, but we got a Java parser ready who could (at least) easily be used to generate the XML based REST DSL. Unfortunately, I am to experienced with REST DSL, but I would start with that. :slight_smile: