Any plans to create a WADL to RAML translator?


I think for people already using WADL or Swagger, would be easy to move to raml if their existing rest resources can be easily translated (at least in a 90% way?) to RAML. It would increase adoption / migration.



I agree, there should be tooling to do round-trip translator from/to RAML and the following:

  • WADL
  • swagger
  • Apiary’s Blueprint

Mashery I/O docs seems to be swagger, at least this example looks 99% swagger console to me


@damipoo I/O Docs is a heavily modified fork of Swagger IIRC.


I think the issue is the WADL completely does not deal about any custom transfer object - this would make the generated RAML a pretty relaxed type-wise…
Nevertheless it would be nice to have it.


I think for the most part a wadl2raml translator would be a pretty straightforward xslt. If you decide to write one, processing the wadl with this first will make your life much easier: