Announcing uml2raml


This is a tool to generate RAML specifications from UML class diagrams with specific profiles.
Can be used from the command line or as a Maven plugin.
Comments (along with bug reports and improvement suggestions) are welcome!


:tada: Awesome work @RocketMan! I am curious as to what motivated you to create this tool, what is the typical use-case?


Thanks @jstoiko this is mostly a “research pet project” of mine. It started as an exercise for my students and it took a little to develop it from a prototype to a product. As far as the typical use case I guess it is no different from a similar tool from IBM that produces OpenAPI specifications: there are still organizations around that prefer to have everything modeled in UML so it makes sense for them to also model their APIs that way. In general having a graphical representation of your API model can be a good thing and with UML you are not constrained to a non-standard graphic DSL. Of course I’m biased but if I had to model an API today I would most definitively use it: diagrams are more fun than text (they convey more information with minor cognitive effort, I guess I should say).