Alternative Ruby RAML parser


My colleague James is building an alternative Ruby parser for RAML, which has great support for all the constructs of the spec.

Check it out: !


I’ve actually started with the raml_ruby gem and added nearly all spec features. You can find my fork at The only major things missing at the moment are support for securityScheme and securedBy.

You can see a what in the spec is finished by going to

It includes JSON schema validation.

It can generate documentation as a single pretty HTML document.


I have used elevy’s fork. It has a lot done for the RAML spec. It’s way more complete than the original repo. I really feel like we should replace the original repository with this one and ensure a maintainer for the project.


Can we get an update on this? I would be more than happy to take over the maintenance and expansion of this ruby parser but we would need to sync with the owner and Mulesoft interests on this.


It’s quite discouraging not to receive any kind of support. I’m very willing to contribute on this.