Add a "hint" tag to help code generators


By adding a “hint” entry into request descriptors (get/put/post, …), you will allow code generators to get more information about the developer intent for features specific to an environment.

E.g. for the Spring @RequestMapping, it would be nice to allow the support for @CookieValue.

Using a hint tag accepting an hash map of values, it would be easy to do.
This tag should remain transparent to those not needing it.

hint: { “spring.mvc.cookie” : { cookievalue : { name : “cookieName” , var : “variableName” }}}


RAML 1.0 adds annotations for exactly these sorts of things. It is now possible to do this, very easily. The only issue would be tools that all utilize the annotation. For your own custom parsing/generation, you can use it. But to get tools like RAML2HTML to support it, you may have to submit a pull request yourself to add support.