A JSON based SOA style model - how different is this to RAML?


Hello forum:

Recently I developed an opensource connectivity framework which offers a RESTful interface to client and attempts to build a common JSON based object model to all difference kinds IoT devices. This JSON based model is inspired from UPnP. It defines a SOA style of device model with a list of interchangeable services, and each service contains a list of API declarations. After client side retrieved this model, it knows every detail about how to operate the device no matter what transport protocols it is based on. Client side may send Ajax calls to the framework in order to access the devices. Then the internal implementations are handled by device drivers to hide the differences of transports or protocols.

After I added schema support to its variables definition, which I think is not well addressed in UPnP yet, I found this JSON based SOA style model is also suitable to model web services, no matter they are RESTful or SOAP based - all those details may be hiding in the device drivers. Now it seems to me this JSON based model achieves the same abstraction to WSDL and may have a replacement for it.

Since I am new to RAML, may I ask your help on how different is my framework implementation to RAML’s goal and usage model, or what could be missed from my implementation so I could keep improve it. Many thanks for your opinions.

My framework code is hosted on: