A few minor site layout suggestions

  1. I noticed the link color is set to black or near black which makes links → like this one ← hard to see in text. I suggest editing that in Admin, Settings, Colors if possible.

  2. On the categories, I suggest dropping “RAML” from the categories “RAML tooling” and “RAML spec” as people should know this is a RAML site by virtue of the domain and logo. I think “Tooling” and “Spec” are shorter and simpler and just as clear.

  3. The site topnav disappears as you scroll down which is… unusual. The idea is that the topnav bar stays in place so you can search, see notifications, and so on.


Hi @codinghorror! Thanks for the ideas and I’ll make sure the right people will get it :wink:


@codinghorror, i don’t see the color option in the administration - setting page :confused:

  1. done!


See Admin, Customize, Colors.


Thanks a lot Jeff. It’s done!


Pink eh? You did it all right :laughing:


haha :stuck_out_tongue: